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All-In-One Automatic FaceBook Software

Now it’s easy to schedule your Facebook posts and easily put your social media campaigns on autopilot. You see, the only way you can increase your social media following and interactions is by posting regularly. Unfortunately, manual posting is tedious and time-consuming. Now with this “All-In-One Automatic FaceBook Software,” you can automatically market your websites and offers on Facebook without having to toil day and night.

This software has some amazing features that make it work just like a human being. You can set and automate your postings to go 24/7 and no chances of being flagged, blocked or banned. It uses browsers and clicks on buttons just like a human being would do. You can set time delays, with built-in randomization for all messages and requests so that it can’t be seen as a bot. It can send friend requests, double-click to log into accounts in the inner browser and easily bypass roadblocks from Facebook. With it, you will be able to manage unlimited Facebook accounts, sort out campaigns, show all account stats in a window, confirm notifications via email, validate created accounts, post messages on FB walls, search and scrape, add friends, use Facebook users, click and like pages, and so much more.

Working with it is easy, you just have to add your account, and it will automatically import and assign all groups and fan pages, create categories for groups; add your ads into message list, create and schedule campaigns and let it do the rest.

This software does almost everything for you- from mass friend requests to mass comment submissions, and thus, you will easily put your marketing on autopilot and save lots of money and times.

Build your leads and drive targeted traffic from social media with ease

Increase your profits without having to work harder.

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