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10 To 6200

Have you been thinking of ways of increasing your income on website flipping? Do you feel sick and tired of getting theories, concepts and open headed suggestions in the name of reports? Well, you must be very fortunate to have come across this article. Let me introduce you to one, Adam Maywald, a known internet marketer and very successful in website flipping. In his website flipping package, Adam shows you how he took a $10 domain, build it using some extreme free traffic sources, making $600 a month with it, and then went ahead to sell it for $6,200. His report is incredible, just to say the least.

The reports details:

– How to choose the right domain that is easily accepted in the buyer’s marketplace
– Doing keyword research and finding the best possible one to drive targeted traffic with, and finding an exact match domain that fits the keyword
– The trick to safely navigate past “filters”
– A website set up process with hints on why you need to be extra careful
– The ultimate blueprint to “anchor text optimization”
– Another critical factor that will make you sell any domain you settle for

More benefits from this report
Once you have established a steady income from a website, you have a decision to make whether to keep the site and continue enjoying the income or sell it ten times more what it is bringing per month. Should you decide to sell, there is a laid down procedure on how to do it. The author shares the steps in a step-by-step manner with screenshots. So it gives you a clear view of both worlds and either way, you benefit.

It is laid out in some easy to follow steps. No filler content to waste your time

The price of the report is set very low, and you practically have no excuse not to purchase it.

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